Everyone involved in your race is there to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, so we ask that you respect your fellow competitors and treat all Technical Officials, Event Organisers, volunteers and spectators with courtesy. Any abuse towards these people will not be tolerated.

Make sure you know which route to take – check out course maps and if it’s unclear, ask the Event Organiser before race day. Marshals are there to ensure the safety of the event, not just to point you in the right direction!

Race numbers must be visible from the front.

Do not use ear plugs or headphones during the event unless you move from the identified course.

All litter must be placed in bins or elsewhere specified by the Event Organiser – keep hold of it until you can dispose properly.

The course involves the use of public footpaths and gates. Please ensure that gates are closed behind the last member of any group.

The course includes crossing farm-land belonging to local landowners. Please take appropriate action to avoid disturbing or distressing livestock and ensure that all gates are closed behind you.

The Pootle – this event is intended for a single owner and one dog. By entering the event you are acknowledging that you are a responsible dog owner.

If you are taking part in the Pootle with your dog you must ensure that your dog is on a lead at ALL times.

There will be other owners with dogs and you should take all precautions to avoid disturbance to other dogs and premises on the route of the event.

We appreciate that dogs may need to defecate – you should remove your dog to a suitable place away from the course and ensure that all excrement is collected and disposed off in a bin.

There will be a member of the organising team walking the course as a back marker. They will ensure that all participants are back at the event headquarters before the cut-off time of 2:00 pm.  If you need to leave the event please notify a marshall and pass over your event bib. They will then notify the Event Organiser.

In the event of any injury to yourself or another participant please notify the nearest marshall immediately, even if it means going back on the course. We will have a number of first aiders available who will be directed to the incident.