Callow Chase 4th June 2022

First Name Last Name Gender Category Time
Orlando Bayliss M MU18 31.40
Liam Bennett M MU18


John Langton M M60 34.34
Chris Myles M M 34.41
Duncan Bennett M M 34.53
Will Bayliss M M 35.23
Benno Veenstra M M 35.40
Peter Johnson M M60 37.12
Jack Cooper M M 37.30
Anna Bayliss F F 38.49
Gill Evans F F60 38.54
Jean-Louis Le Roy M M 39.03
Simon Drew M M 41.04
Ben Ellis M M 42.18
Theresa Gatfield F F 44.41
Bobby Boyes M M 44.51
Sue Johnson F F60 45.12
Mick Pursglove M M 45.28
Marguerite Nugent F F 45.52
Ben Scott M M 49.05
Paul  Ellis M M 49.23
Rebecca Howell F F 50.03
Rob Wood M M 54.43
Chris  Price M M60 56.48
Sophie Veenstra F FU18 58.46
Finley Davies M MU18 66.05
Tarrah Lewis F F 66.40
Leah Davies F FU18 66.40
Sophie Kulak F F 70.03
Ed Bayliss M   DNS
Becs Glaze F   DNS
John Nevison M   DNS
Robin Nugent M   DNS

Callow Pootle 4th June 2022

Mal & Moss Fellows M 31:15:00

Callow Crawl 4th June 2022

Julie Chesters
Karen Cooke
Tim Cooke
Emmy Veenstra
Andrew Comstive
Jen Comstive
Debbie Oates
Sorry MissedName
Sorry MissedName


Due to some difficulties in registration we missed the names of some of the Crawl participants. If you took part and would like to add your name to this results table please email us