Update 26th May

We are delighted to announce that thanks to support from Hope Village Hall Committee and Stapely Vets Practice the Chase, Crawl and Pootle will be taking place on 4th June even though there are only a few entries at the moment.

I am grateful for the support of all those who have agreed to marshall the road junctions on the different routes but I would still welcome the support of a person to act as a sweeper and someone to take photos on the Callow.

I am also very grateful to Anna Bayliss, who in addition to encouraging her family and friends to run, will be providing a trophy in memory of her late husband Richard who did so much for this community. The trophy will be awarded to the first person to finish in the Chase (4.5 mile run). Anna has run the proposed Chase course which can now be found on Strava at https://www.strava.com/activities/7096059370. There is also a Strava group for prospective runners.

The Crawl and Pootle will follow a different route to the Chase with slightly less distance but no less climbing! The Pootle is timed but the Crawl is not but I ask that all participants are finished by 1:30 when the marshalls will take the rest of the day off.

We will accept entries on the day for all events. However, entry costs on the day will be £8 for individuals and £15 for families. You can still enter online at https://callowrun.uk/enter-the-events up tp the 27th May but medals may not be available to participants who enter after that date.


11:00 Marshalls briefing and preparation at the Village Hall

11:15 Participant registration at Village Hall until 11:45

11:45 Participant briefing – compulsory.

12:00 Callow Chase start

12:05 Callow Pootle start

Crawl participants can start any time after the other two groups have started. Marshalls and other support will cease at 1:30 pm.
1:45 Prize Giving. The range of prizes will be announced on the day. Thank you to everyone for supporting this event.

NOTE – we had hoped to have external first aid cover available at the village hall for the event but it has not been possible to arrange this cover due to the pressure of other Jubilee events. Participants are advised that in the event of an accident or injury please notify the nearest Marshall who will contact me for further support and to call emergency services if required.